mm mm cookies

sometimes change of plans
can be blessings in disguise
or just delicious.

m&m cookies

Today I was supposed to start working on the dress I’m wearing to my brother Ben’s high school graduation, but I ended up sleeping way later than I meant to. For me, this means I woke up at like, 10, but that’s late for me. I worked out and made myself an awesome breakfast: recently I’ve just been slicing red and green pepper and onion and frying them in a very lightly oiled pan, then frying an egg and dumping the whole thing on a piece of toast. It’s super delicious and way good for you!

After that successful experiment, today turned into a food-creativity day rather than a sewing day. Remembering that it’s Ben’s last day of high school (!!), I decided to mix up a batch of M&M cookies according to this recipe that google found for me. I just taste-tested one (with a glass of milk of course) and I must say.. they might be the best cookies I’ve ever made. I halved the recipe and it made about 18 good-size cookies… hopefully they’re all still here when Ben gets home! ;)

It’s almost time to head off to work, so nope, no dress-making today. I’ve still got over a week, right? I’m not too worried.. I made my prom dress in two weeks so this should be a breeze.

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