The Daily Haiku Project

happy clouds The Daily Haiku Project is a personal challenge I have created for myself: to write a haiku every day and blog it.

I came up with this project in the first place because I had been neglecting the blog. I didn’t have time for long, complex entries, but I didn’t want to blog inconsequential nonsense. So I developed my Daily Haiku Project, a way for me to use five or ten minutes each day to create something somewhat beautiful and, perhaps, inspiring.

The Daily Haiku Project allows me to use a little bit of creativity every day, which is a nice break from all the math and science being thrown at me in school. I also get daily blog updates, and most of the time I also get a chance to showcase random pictures I’ve taken. All pictures displayed, unless otherwise noted, were taken by me. And it’s fun! In the end I’ll have 365 haiku, a brief snapshot of what was on my mind in each day of 2009.

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  1. I love haiku, and I’m starting to write haiku myself.

  1. March 21, 2015

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