getting through a creativity block

haphazardly ebbs and flows…

cutting out a new dress

Sometimes it’s really difficult to get good inspiration, motivation, or both. There are days when I’d love to just sit and think about sewing amazing things, but I have no willpower to actually get up and make them. Other days I’m just itching to sew, but I can’t think of anything that I’d really like to work on at the time.

Today was a bit of both. I found my dress pattern over at BurdaStyle, the AMC Dress, and last night I bought my solid trim fabric, a nice chocolate brown. Today I knew I needed to start working, but I wasn’t feeling particularly creatively motivated. Regardless, I got out my pins and scissors and started snipping away.

I started by basting the lining together and making alterations to make sure it would be a good fit, and after this simple bit of sewing my head is spinning through fabricland again. My tip for the day? If you’re going through a creative dry spell, work on something simple with rigid instructions that doesn’t require much thinking… just getting into it, hearing the snip of the scissors and the whirr of the needle, should help you along.

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  1. Hannah says:

    such pretty fabric! :)

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