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I'm Samantha (Sam), a mechanical engineer, seamstress, crafter, & entrepreneur. Enjoy perusing photos of my sewing and craft-related adventures. I hope my blog brings inspiration and happiness to your day!

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What sewing machine do you use?
My main sewing machine is a Husqvarna Viking Scandinavia 400. My mom and I love Viking machines. Mine has about 40 bonus stitches (even though I don’t use many of them), an alphabet feature, and an attachable embroidery module with a small hoop. I’ve played with the embroidery features a bit, but I don’t use them very often.

What sewing machine should I buy?
My biggest recommendation: don’t skimp. When you’re starting out, you want a machine that’s of passable quality. Learning to sew comes with its own challenges; don’t frustrate yourself by trying to use a super cheap model. I love Viking, and I’m sure they have a few beginner models that fall in the less-than-$300 price range. Janome has some small machines that work very well, too. They even sell some at Target. Singer is known for their quality but they’ve faltered in recent years; lots of companies are switching over to plastic parts rather than metal on the inside, and that’s not going to last. Basically, the heavier the sewing machine, the better! If you have a family member with an extra machine in the basement, that’s almost always a great bet.

What camera do you use?
I purchased my first digital SLR, a Canon EOS Rebel T1i, in July 2010. I love it. It takes beautiful pictures, is great to hold, the perfect weight, and has lots of features but isn’t intimidating. When I want a camera in my pocket, though, I stick to my Canon PowerShot SD750. It’s a wonderful camera, with 7 megapixels and great image quality for its size. With the lens retracted, it’s a perfect rectangle, and it fits better in my jeans pocket than most point-and-shoots I’ve encountered. The price has gone up since I don’t think they make this exact model anymore; they probably have a newer one that’s hopefully just as tiny. For film photography, I borrow my parents’ Canon AE-1 from the 80’s. I like Canons a lot.

Who are all these people you talk about?
Hannah is my roommate-for-life. Brad is my boyfriend. Ben and Andy are my brothers. Any other people I mention are probably friends or relatives, but I’ll introduce them.

Can I link to your blog?
Of course! I’d love it!

Can I use your pictures on my website?
If you use any of my photos, please link back here so everyone knows where you got it! If you’re writing a blog entry like “oh look what sam did!”, then of course you may use a picture of mine. Please do not ever distribute my photos for commercial purposes.

What’s with the ads?
Websites are expensive. A recent spike in traffic forced me to upgrade my hosting package, and in order to pay for that I use individually sponsored advertisements, affiliate links (if you use them, it’ll really help me out!), and Google AdSense ads.

Required disclaimer: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Will you review my new product on your blog?
Yes, I would love to, if it falls into the realm of this blog: sewing, crafts, photography, DIY, etc. I will give an honest, unbiased review – but if I really like your product, I may mention it in more than one post!

Who hosts your site?
My site is hosted by Acenet Hosting, and they’re pretty awesome. I’ve never experienced noticeable downtime, and they have a very knowledgeable (and near-instant! 24/7!) helpdesk. I definitely recommend them.

The blog itself is powered by WordPress blogging platform. It’s a wonderful open-source software, it’s free, and it’s updated constantly. I’ve always been impressed with the WordPress team.

any more questions? please, let me know!

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