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ooh, aah…

burst, boom! pop, sparkle,
light falls as rain from the sky.
we all ooh and aah.

pre-4th fireworks

Last night we caught some pre-4th fireworks (as Andy called them, “fake fireworks”), and I brought my tripod along. This is probably quite obvious to most people, but the tripod made a huge difference in the quality and clarity of my firework photos.

Since last night was more of a practice run, today I flipped through Google to find the best tips for taking pictures of fireworks… and I know it’s late, but I thought I’d compile a quick list of the most useful:

· How to Photograph Firework Displays
· Get Better Fireworks Photos This Fourth of July
· 11 Tips for Sparkling Fireworks Photos

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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