calm lies in chaos.
hectic zipping, no time for
thinking: take a breath.

my desk, a messy mess.

The discombobulated state of my desk at the moment quite accurately reflects my week. Sniffly for a few days, working during the day, and coding into late hours of the night… the busiest I’ve been all summer. I’m glad to have time to myself again, but it feels good – the rushing, the spastic working, the struggling to have time for everything, and still making time for things I love – it feels like school. I think I need a week of school, week of summer balance, so I never forget the joy of each way of living, the beauty in the contrast, the gratefulness for each change. I could even pass for 4-day weekends all the time.. that’d be okay with me. :)

Our robots came in 6th in the seeding rounds (when you just run for a score), 4th in double elimination (where you are actively facing – and usually colliding with – an opponent). There were only a dozen teams, I think?, but we came out in the top half. A week ago, that would have been impossible. We pushed so hard this last week… not the greatest strategy, or the least heart-attack inducing, but I’m very proud of our team’s hard work. It’s been fun.

After last night’s coding-til-2am joys, and this morning’s leaving-at-half-past-seven to practice, I’m ready for bed. Friday night bedtime, 10:30. I live life on the wild side.

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