i’ve deftly conquered
the evil sweatshirt of doom;
victory is mine.

plaza de toros … bull ring … madrid.

At least two years ago, I cut out a sweatshirt. It was to be a lined, zippered hoodie. I put together each half, stitching up the lining and the outer shell separately. But when I tried them on, it was huge. As one of my first forays into the land of knits, serging, clothing, etc., I became very easily frustrated and discouraged. The sides weren’t the issue; the neckhole itself was gargantuan and I couldn’t think of a way to fix it without my hoodie having a seam down the back. So I did the easiest thing and the best answer at the time: I stuffed it in a drawer.

Last week, I found the thing, stuffed in a drawer with random knits and other forsaken projects. After inspection I realized that, if I were to add a band around the bottom as most hoodies have anyway, the hoodie pieces could be entirely recut to an appropriate size for my petite self. So I ripped seams and chopped away, figuring I had solved the problems.

Of course, I then realized what I was into: a lined, zip-front hoodie. My head has been spinning all week, trying to decide where to connect various pieces in order for it to look as nice as possible. Do I sandwich the zipper right-to-right? But then how would I do the hood? When should I put in pockets? and so on…

But finally, as of twenty minutes ago, it is finished. And entirely lovely, if I do say so myself. A ridiculously complicated garment for its simple appearance; no advanced sewing techniques required, it just took lots of brain power and thinking inside-out and around.

But I have won this battle, I have beat this challenge, I have conquered a small drawer-filling enemy. And it’s cute, and I’m triumphant.

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