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an overjoyed sam at the statue of a giant thimble and buttons in toronto

I'm Samantha (Sam), a mechanical engineer, seamstress, crafter, & entrepreneur. Enjoy perusing photos of my sewing and craft-related adventures. I hope my blog brings inspiration and happiness to your day!

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handmade gray button-sleeve tee

handmade heather gray tee with button sleeves (at the Full House house!)

Happy Friday!

As part of the discussion …

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bridesmaid t-shirts: gold, anchors, adorable

bridesmaid t-shirts - iron-on jersey numbers

This must be Katie Week here at Fluffyland… I can’t help it, wedding crafting is so fun! I wanted …

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a 20’s dress for gatsby night

gatsby dress - hanging

In late September, my high school English class friends and I decked ourselves for a Gatsby-themed party at the Smithsonian. It’s one of our favorite books (i still haven’t …

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the alaska totem pole raglan tee

gray totem pole t-shirt

For my mom’s birthday in July, my family went on a very special adventure: an Alaska cruise!

As with any planned adventure, this gave my …

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