hiding and seeking,
i’m cleverly sneaking, you’re
counting: no peeking!

my watercolor whale

For the summer, I’m taking care of two great kids – a fifth grade boy (henceforth referred to as J) and a third grade girl (S). This is their last week of school, and they’ve got half days, so I’ve been picking them up from school and entertaining them to the best of my ability until their parents get home.

S’s watercolor whaleToday we had a rather excellent day. No homework (who would try to give these kids homework on the last week) so plenty of fun-time. Even though it was hot-hot-hot out, we decided it would be fun to take a trip to the playground.

J’s watercolor island.... and whaleI’m learning a lot about how to play hide-and-seek well. Strategy is everything, especially when you’re twice the size of the other players. It takes skill!

Once we were simply exhausted, we headed back to the house and decided it was arts-and-crafts time. (my favorite!) We pulled out the watercolors and I worked on a whale, which is usually my best bet when it comes to art… I’m not a drawer or a painter. Just whales. Of course, I loved what J and S came up with… I’ve got two little whale prodigies on my hands. :)

And now, 9:30 pm, I’m worn out. Sun and running and fun and playing … it’s tough! It’s a rather pathetic time for a college kid to be heading off to bed, but I’m giving the idea serious consideration.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Sometimes I wish the kids I watched were older. The oldest is 7 so he’s old enough for arts and crafts and whatnot, but the 2 year old and the two 1 year olds aren’t old enough. It’d be so much easier!

    9:30 isn’t too bad. ;) Watching kids is tiring!

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