cloudy day projects

mornings give choices.
make your own misery, or
embrace the new day.

It’s wet outside and very cloudy, chilly inside and quite dark. It’s a day with a choice: Be A Sloth Day (just don’t get out of bed) or Baking and Sewing Day (once the lights are all turned on). I’m glad I chose the latter, because it’s been a fun morning.

I made myself breakfast and afterward, as I roamed around the kitchen, I noticed the abundance of bread bags each containing a heel or two. Our family (as i’m sure many are) is notorious for leaving the first and last pieces of bread entirely untouched. I didn’t want to eat five heel sandwiches, nor did I want to watch this bread mold over, so I googled bread pudding.

pumpkin bread pudding… mmm

Got to this recipe, and it sounded perfect for this chilly day. It was easy to make, just mix it all up and throw it in the pan, and it was super delicious. My mom and I ate it warm with whipped cream, but I’m thinking cream cheese would be really good with it too. Hurray for baking success!

boy doll in progressThen I was reading through my favorite crafty blogs and noted numerous mentions of Craft Hope‘s collection of little dolls to send to an orphanage in Nicaragua. With no set projects for the day, I figured this would be quick, easy, and would give my heart a nice happy feeling. They said they needed both boy and girl dolls, but I’m guessing most people so far have made little girl dollies… plus I don’t want to deal with yarn hair because it’s not very high on my skill list.

I found an old pattern I made up awhile ago, cut out pieces, stitched him together, stuffed him… I’ve just added his face, so he’s all done and ready to go! I’ll take pictures of him tomorrow, today is an awful day for photo lighting. He’s a super cute little dolly, and such a quick and easy project… perfect for this cloudy day. I can’t wait for him to be received and loved. :)

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