goomba goomba goomba

GOOMBA! isn’t it fun to say?

This is the Goomba that I made for my brother for Christmas. I promised to take pictures ages ago, but with it being winter and all, I couldn’t get proper lighting. But when it snowed, everything was beautifully bright. So it was exciting.

A Goomba is a Mario character. I know them best from Super Mario 64 (the best game of all time), but they appear in basically any version of Super Mario. They’re basically angry mushrooms with feet, and Mario typically jumps on them to flatten them. In N64, though, you can kick or punch them instead if you’d like.

This likeness is made entirely out of fleece with fleece applique for the facial features. I was SO excited with how he came out… not to be vain, but his eyebrows are just perfect. My brother and dad didn’t realize I made him until at least 2 hours after he was opened.. I made some comment like “that part was hard to do” and they both looked up, appalled, and said “YOU MADE THAT??!”

That was definitely the best part of my Christmas. :)

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  1. Michelle says:

    I love him! He looks so much like the real thing. :)

  2. heidi says:

    ahh awesome, thanks for the link! Super cute!

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