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a chilly day for typing away: fingerless fleece gloves diy

fingerless gloves for typing The sewing/computer room is either freezing or very very warm. At the front of the house, the big windows make it a chilly room and the sun does not come in on this side. It becomes very warm when the iron happens to be on. It is very rarely perfect temperature in here.

So on the frigid days, my poor little typing hands would become quite chilly. I tried wearing regular gloves, but then my fingertips were useless. I considered buying fingerless gloves, but being the little seamstress that I am, I figured they wouldn’t be hard to make.

And, they weren’t.

fingerless gloves for typing

I traced my hand, added about a centimeter around, and after some fidgeting I had a successful glove. I used the cutest green fleece (with giraffes!), meaning it would be cute, cozy, & warm, plus it wouldn’t ravel. I used pinking shears on the bottom edge, and on the knuckle-tips I just left it as is.

So the pattern is available for printing; to make sure it comes out the right size, it should be about 10″ high. My hands are relatively small, so adjust the pattern as necessary. Simply cut out four pieces of fleece, and stitch together the sides then the edges of the fingers. DO NOT cut a “v” shape between fingers; simply a slit, once the seam allowance is in, is fine for spacing.

Enjoy this quick and cute project! If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them!


fingerless gloves sewing pattern

5 comments to a chilly day for typing away: fingerless fleece gloves diy

  • Michelle

    That is the cutest fleece print I’ve ever seen! I might have to make some of those. My hands are always cold, which makes knitting and typing hard.

  • Maja

    Hi,I like this project!I also have problem with cold hands and now you gave me a great idea!Althouth its summer here in Macedonia I will try to find interesting fabric to wear at work.You are so young and I am glad you like sewing.I am 27 year old and want to recomend you the site of burdastyle to promote your projects.Bye!

  • Fran

    Thank you so much for this pattern! I am a caregiver, and the lady I take care of always has cold hands. I was thinking fleece fingerless gloves would be just the thing!

  • Chelsi

    My grand daughter was looking for a sewing project and this is perfect!
    Can’t wait to sew what she does with her ideas for finger less gloves.
    Thank you for a springboard!

  • Anita

    OMG! I’ve been trying to find a boy type gift for the kiddo I work with in a wheelchair, these are perfect. Perhaps he won’t lose this pair!!

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