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Starburst Wrappers? Ballet Flats? they go together.. how?

starburst wrapper ballet flats

.. with a little mod podge and a lot of snipping! Yep, I decided to enter the craft challenge over at Craftster: “Footwear Face Lift”. I had this idea awhile ago, but never worked up the energy to actually try it.. so this challenge was a great way to get me going! I went over to Nordstrom Rack and found some metallic-y ballet flats in my size for $11.90.. perfect!
This is what they looked like before:

gold ballet flats gold ballet flats

Then after TONS of starburst wrappers, mod podge, and lots of snipping wrappers with tiny scissors, they were magically transformed into these!

starburst wrapper ballet flats

starburst wrapper ballet flats

I am amazed they came out so well, and they are definitely safe for wearing (yep, the mod podge holds up just fine!) so I’ll probably wear them everywhere! Yay! I’m very excited, and kinda nervous.. voting is tomorrow! ee!

**Edited to answer some questions**
Are they safe for wearing?
I have not worn them out much, because I prefer to see them as an art object (and let’s face it, most days I’m just not that brave). But I’d recommend a coat of varnish over the Mod Podge – Mod Podge is somewhat water-soluble, so I think it would wear out before long. Also, it maintains its stickiness even after it dries, which means dust will stick to it like crazy!

How long did they take?
They took a bit of patience – time to collect plenty of wrappers, and then the main time investment was spent trimming each wrapper to fit on its spot on the shoe. It’s worth it to take your time so the end result looks tidy!

58 comments to Starburst Wrappers? Ballet Flats? they go together.. how?

  • stephanie saniga

    Very cool shoes, Sam! I’m gonna go vote!

  • I see shoes like these all the time (the style, I mean) and these are the only ones that I would actually wear. Good job, Sam. I hope you win the contest!

  • Wow! How much for you to make me a pair?

  • Jem

    Haha, they’re awesome!

    If I was a member of the craftster forum, I’d totally vote for you :D

  • Brittany D.

    Oh wow Sam. Your site is so cute i love it! It’s amazing!

    and these = awesome.
    seriously you should make these for you’re site.
    I would def buy them!

  • These shoes are awesome, I voted for them. :-)
    Plus.. your domain is fluffyland, therefore you must be a cool person.


    All hail the fluff!!!!!

  • those are SO amazing. great job!!

  • I’ve been collecting Starburst wrappers for a while now and wanting to get my hands on some ModPodge. Now I know that I can combine the two together.
    The shoes are great.
    You rock.


  • dana

    I’m gonna have to try and make these! They’re soo cute!! They look good enough to eat!!

  • Chrissy

    Hey there. OK, I love these things. I saw them on Craftster and I had to write to you! So let me get this straight. You bought the shoes, cut the wrappers into strips and then just used Mod Podge to adhere them? And they hold up to being worn around? These are too cool! Please let me know if I’m missing a crucial step. ;) You wouldn’t wear them in the rain or anything, I’m sure?

  • Fiona

    I love your starburst shoes. they are so pretty.

  • Ah!! You’re the Craftster-who-did-the-awesome-Starburst-flats!! Small world, lol. I must admit, when i saw your banner, I thought someone stole the flats-pic lol. Thanks for dropping by me blog, feel kinda honoured somehow XD. I didn’t comment on craftster if I recall right. Idea wise it’s great and even better when you managed to pulled it off so professionally AKA looks awesome ^.^

    I’d try that if my legs weren’t stumpy for flats =(

  • What a brilliant project! Can you get in touch with me via e-mail? I have a question for ya.

    Amy Schroeder
    Editor, Venus Zine

  • What a brilliant project! Can you get in touch with me via e-mail? I have a question for ya.

    Amy Schroeder
    Editor, Venus & venuszine.com

  • Molly

    i’m completely speechless. the cutting and the measuring and the time that must have taken. i am completely blown away!

  • ditto molly oh-em-gee! they are so effin cute its killing me

  • Kathy

    I’m 50 and would definitely wear these! You’re very talented and should copyright these kind of ideas. Looks like you would have a great business selling these!
    Good luck in future endeavors, I’ll be looking for them!

  • janet ann

    those r AWESOME! do you think you could provide a tutorial or basic steps to making them?

  • Holly

    I saw a pair of these on eBay! I hope it was you selling them, otherwise someone stole your idea! They’re so cute and I was gunna bid on them, but I put a “watch” on them on my roommates computer and only remembered them when the auction was done! :(

  • Isabella

    Hey, those are pretty amazing shoes! What an awesome idea you had. I read your copy right but I was still wondering if I might try to make some. I wouldn’t use starburst I was thinking maybe gum wrappers. Could I please have your permission?

  • Jaclyn

    Oh my thats such a cool idea


  • omg!!! i love those!! you should def sell them, i know that i would buy them! i’m amazed at all of you work, well done :D

  • Caroline

    Those shoes are awesome! Do you think that (with your permission) it would work with tootsie roll wrappers?

  • Natalie

    I NEED THEM! How can I get a pair?
    PLEASEEEEE it’s become a cravingg.

  • Oh my gosh. I so remember making these bracelets in school! I’m talking years ago! Like 35 years or so.
    We made them out of stick gum wrappers. The best were Fruit Stripes gum because they were colorful. And they smelled yummy.
    Thanks for the memories. Cathy

  • eileen

    how does it hold up in rain?

  • Sharlene

    NICEEE!!! That’s a creatively cool idea. Can you teach me how to make them??LOL!!

  • amy

    you have the most creative ideas EVER!!!. i would totally buy those from you if i could lol. They’re beautiful!

  • underreconstruction

    omg!!!! i made a pair exactly like those like three years ago!!!, except my original flats were black and i attached mini starbursts (not real though) to the end of the bows and re-colored the bows.
    great minds think alike!


    OMG!!!!!! my cuz sister and i all want a pair of those but we cant find directions that would be awesone if we found a way to make them!

  • Kitsune

    Woah…those are gorgeous. I want them, lol, and I usualy dislike wearing bright colors.

  • Katie

    Does anyone know if i had a canvas shoe and used gloss medium to stick pictures from magazines on them if i could use modpodge to seal them? or would it not work because i didnt use modpodge underneath??

  • Erin

    Hey I’m making a pair of these and I was wondering how you got the wrapper on the shoe (glue?)… If so, what kind (like super glue, hot glue?)

    Thanks =]

  • can you give me directions on how you made these awesome shoes me and my friends love to reuse things and make cool crafts out of them so please give me the direction.

  • esther

    :D these are amazing and cute~

  • esther

    o_o uhm. and also :3 how exactly did you do this, if you don’t mind sharing?

  • Kimberly

    Oh kewl . Those are so kawaii haha . I feel like i wanna make some but of course with your permission lol . You’ve got a creative mind and i luv your site name (= .

  • Kelsey

    I was just looking for a way to make the bracelet because the Starburst people changed their website, and I stumbled upon yours. I noticed the picture of the shoes at the top of your page, and I instantly fell in love with them. They are gorgeous, and I hope you won that contest.

  • Kelsey

    I would really like to make a pair myself, and I doubt they’d come out as great as yours because I’m artistically challenged. So I’m asking permission to attempt it.

  • Kelsey

    I’m not sure what wrappers I’d use but something just as colorful. My other question is what kind of mod podge did you use: glossy or matte?

  • Kelsey

    And now I feel really stupid because I’ve commented so much in a small period of time. But I realized you have no way to answer me, if you choose to. So I’m giving you my email: heyimkelseyxox@aim.com

  • EMILY : )

    they are amazing, i wanna try it !

  • Kayla

    AWESOME! Those are adorable. So you just glued all the wrappers on? I wanna try! How long did it take?

  • Lauren

    WOW these are so amazing !!!!!!! I have braces so i cant have them :( but i love their colors and the wrappers!!!!!i have been collecing the wrappers for like forever and i have made so much stuff w/ them!! thanks for the inspiration!

    • Crafter

      Well, if you can’t eat them unwrap them and then put them all in a bag for someone else you’re close to- they most likely would take them if you’ve got someone who likes them.

  • likealicious

    OMG i neeeeed them so bad how do u make them!!!!!!

  • Leah

    i Mod Podge-d my shoes but it keeps falling apart. =( It gets all weird around where the crease is when i take a step. Ugh! Maybe a little sealant stuff will fix it…

  • alyssa

    For all of you trying to duplicate the look it helps if you guys use outdoor mod podge, then they’ll be water resistant. If you just use original mod podge, then just don’t wear them in wet weather. Make sure you use a thick coat over them too, to seal them up really well. :) Hope this helps you lovely crafters!

  • Jeanian

    Omg! There are tonss of people on the insternet that make these things, and the same ones as you but in diffrent colors! I would like to make a pair if you dont mind? It will be out of hersheys wrappers. Please email me so i can find out how you made these. Also it says youv been having difficulty with them? I would suggest a hot glue gun or super glue.pupyluver91@yahoo.com. Thanks, Jeanian

  • kerri

    ohk, so i made my own,,,,, lots actually, to match my homecoming dress, i also made a tie out of them for my date, there was never and ackward silence because he marveled over the tie all night! thanks for the inspiration!

  • Taylor

    could you please tell me how you did these?

  • starbursts1334

    OMG!!! those are amazing!!!! i wanna make some with my friends at my sleepover? is that ok with u? we were gonna put your innnitails on them, SJ right?

    • Sam

      Of course you can make some of your own! You don’t have to put my initials on them, it’s totally fine :) Make it your own! I’m sure you guys will come up with some awesome shoes.

      To make them, I cut my wrappers into relatively small strips and then put some Mod Podge on each one. I then layered them onto the shoe, and used multiple coats of Mod Podge on top to attach them more permanently and provide a seal.

      If you want to wear them regularly, you’ll need to seal them with a final coat of some sort of varnish. This comes in brush-on and spray-on varieties, so for this brush-on would probably be easier, since for spray on you’d have to block off the inside of the shoe.

      Of course, you don’t have to do stripes – you could use a hole punch to make dots, or cut squares, or do diagonal stripes… there are tons of options, and I’m sure you and each of your friends could come up with something unique!

      I’d love to see pictures when you’re done, so email me back! And let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Starburst1334

    Thanks!!!! Sooooo much!! How long did it take you to make them?

    • Sam

      Hmm.. a couple hours, at least, I can’t really remember since its been a long time. I did multiple coats of Mod Podge and you have to let it dry between coats. You might have to get the first coat done with your friends and then they can finish the rest at home. Or you could do one coat at night, and the second when you wake up in the morning!

  • hmm..really, so good-looking and comfortable.
    I love this.

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