Happy Birthday, you old blog!

February is the Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog’s birthday month… and boy, is she getting old!

happy birthday, dear blog! 7 years old!

I’ve been blogging here since February 2006. That’s right, seven full years. This blog has watched me go all the way through high school, and now I’m almost done with college! I’ve been looking back through the archives and it’s making me nostalgic. Seven years. I can’t believe it. Want to take a whirlwind tour with me?


It all started with the Starburst Wrapper-ed Ballet Flats, who were soon followed by their buddy, the Starburst Wrapper Bracelet Tutorial – still my most popular post by far!

year one: starburst wrapper ballet flats


2007 included Ben’s plush Goomba, one of my first forays into real custom plush work.

year two: plush goomba (super mario)


2008 was quiet because senior year was busy! But some notable events included my homemade prom dress as well as my costume work for my high school’s production of Beauty & the Beast.

year three: homemade prom dress


2009 welcomed college with daily blogging: enter the haiku project. Also, a delightful new autumn tradition sprouted: pumpkin spotting!

year four: pumpkin spotting and haiku


2010 was the year of the adventurous whales: my first series of plush to be proclaimed “art” and hung in an art gallery. I was so proud.

year five: adventurous whales at the SPACES contemporary art gallery


I’ll never forget the most glorious, yet most temporary, work of art that Brad and I drew together: the giraffe we drew at the Cleveland Museum of Art Chalk Festival. It was the most beautiful thing!

year six: chalk festival giraffe


And in 2012, I invented the tiniest plush narwhal the world has ever seen!

year seven: tiny plush narwhal

I’ve loved looking back over my old posts these last few days… and it’s a good reminder that I want to keep going! I love having this archive of my projects, especially since so many of them end up going to new homes. And it’s wonderful to see how my creative skills have progressed. So here’s to documenting progress, big and small, because it adds up. And here’s to seven more years of blogging!