Yearly Archive: 2010

snowy thoughts

Oh Cleveland, snow almost makes you look pretty.

snowy lamppost and bricks

I take those extra seconds to notice the details I’ve never seen: the details the snow highlights for me. The world is hushed; my eyes gain focus with the silence.

snowy roof with windows

Hello, chilly little mailbox. Your belly will soon be warmed with lots of narwhals! They are friendly.

snowy mailbox

I took my camera with me to my German review session on that day, December 8. Such a long time ago… Cleveland, full of snow; before final exams; before coming home; before all the narwhals; before Christmas. It’s been a busy time! But while I took those pictures, I wrote the blog entry in my head. Granted, I was in a quiet mood with the snow and my camera, so there weren’t many words. But my process doesn’t often happen that way. Usually it’s one, then the other; rarely both at once. What about you? Do you write first, or take your pictures first?

merry Christmas!

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, filled with blessings and joy and all the people you love most.