a year in haiku

Disappointed in my lack of frequent blog entries, but without much time to do anything about it, I’ve decided on a project for the year of 2009. I’m hoping it will re-awaken my blog and inspire me to write more fun entries, it will give me a chance to be creative every day, and it will be, well, fun! The project I have in mind? A Year In Haiku. Starting with today, January 1, 2009, I plan to write and post a haiku every day. Some days, they will be accompanied by pictures… not necessarily relating to the subject matter, but all the pictures will be my own. I can’t imagine a simpler daily project; 5-7-5 about my day, and I’m done. So hopefully I’ll stick with it, and though the haiku(s?) will be of varying depth, complexity, and overall poetic beauty, I think they’ll be interesting. If anyone would like to join me in this blogging challenge, go right ahead!

So, here it goes… day 1.

“this will be the year.”
each new year’s, the air spins with
hope for things to come.

electric light parade: spinning turtle

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