priorities of a mini-summer

I’m finished with work and I’ve got three weeks to spare before I head back to school. This is a little gift to myself: a mini-summer. Freedom from responsibility is a glorious thing. I’ve made positive shifts to my sleep schedule, my mindset, and my priorities.

My priorities this first week were simple. Lots of sleep, but early rising to savor my mornings before the sun scorches the earth. Performing as many creative tasks as my brain will allow. Reading an entire, quite long book in one day. And going on a thrifting adventure with one of my very best friends.

thrifting finds: vintage suitcase, vintage yellow metal lamp, orange vase, vintage patterns

Thrifting adventures are always a good choice. But every once in awhile enough treasures are amassed that you know, for whatever reason, the thrifting gods are smiling upon you. Today was one of those days.

These are most (but certainly not all!) of the treasures I came home with today: a beautiful navy blue vintage Skyway suitcase, a sunshine yellow metal table lamp, a hot orange vase, and an assortment of patterns.

thrifting finds: picture frames

It was also half-price frame day, so most of these frames cost 40 cents each. I’m planning to spraypaint them. They’ll serve me well, since lately I’ve been keen on framing just about anything and calling it Art.

thrifting finds: vintage suitcase, interior

This is the interior of the suitcase. The pockets are in wonderful condition and I love thinking about packing with them… what a useful idea! The outside of the suitcase is a wooly navy fabric. It’s got a combination lock, and since I’d never worked a suitcase like this before I spent a good ten minutes trying to open it in the store before I figured out how to slide and pop the clasps open. oops!

The outside of the suitcase looks practically new – some of the stitches are worn on the leather, and one of the plastic “feet” on the bottom is cracked, but otherwise it’s perfect. The inside lining is a quilted polyester fabric, and it’s become slightly stained with age, but I’ve been cleaning it. I found a great tip for cleaning vintage suitcase linings: spray it with diluted vinegar! I used a half water, half vinegar mix and it worked wonders. Now I just need to go on a trip!

thrifting finds: vintage yellow metal lamp, missing glass globe

This is the top of my lamp. I didn’t realize it until I got it home, but it seems to be missing a piece, because the big metal shade has nothing to rest on (except the lightbulb, and that’s certainly not right!). I was entirely perplexed for a moment, until Google found me this gem: a vintage copper lamp with similar detailing near the bulb screw, and a giant glass globe. So this one’s an adventure: before I have a functioning lamp, I must either locate a big glass globe, or dream up some fantastic wire contraption. We’ll see how that goes. Either way, I’m excited about this lamp – it looks good as new but it’s been around for quite a few years. Any guesses on the era? I don’t have much of an idea.

My friend found me a chic pink Ann Taylor sportcoat that appears brand new and will be wonderful for business wear – the kind of clothing I’m desperately lacking. I also got a book and some classy 50 cent wine glasses, score!

It was one of the most successful thrifting outings I’ve ever had. Have you had any good luck at the thrift stores lately?

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  1. November 10, 2014

    […] lamp is too great. It’s metal, vintage, and bright golden yellow. I blogged it before in a thrifting recap (and looking back, the white frame is there too! i told you i’d use that stuff!). It appears […]

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