sweatshirts and slippers,
sewing through flannel and fleece;
comfy, cozy day.

Last night I went into “cut stuff out of magazines” mode, the mode I usually go into when I need to do something creative but can’t think of anything too extraordinary. Here’s a mirror in progress:

mirror decoupaged by magazines

The mirror’s from Ikea; it started out with a wide, unfinished wood frame. So far I’ve just been glue-sticking circles onto it, but I’m planning on sealing it with modpodge or some varnish when I’ve covered it completely.

And today I made a pair of pajama pants, start to finish, in an hour flat! I think that’s a record. It’s always fun to have a new pair of pjs for Christmas! Brand new flannel just can’t be beat when it comes to coziness.

pj pants made of street-sign print flannel!

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    That mirror is going to look awesome when it’s finished!

    I love that fabric. The print is so cute! I attempted pajama pants once, but I accidentally sewed the pieces together wrong and couldn’t be bothered to fix them. I kind of want to pull them back out and redo them now, though! You’ve inspired me. :D

  2. Michelle says:

    I love the new site design, by the way!

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