lots of flat whales

even with eyeballs,
flat whales don’t do much swimming.
they’re really just… flat.

pile of flat whales

A quite daunting pile of flat whales. They’ve all got eyeballs now, so they’re ready to be stuffed and stitched up. While installing one of over 30 eyeballs yesterday, I decided to make a Safety Eye Tutorial to teach you all my method for preventing lopsided eyes on your plush. I hope you find it helpful!

Of course, once I had this huge pile of whales to work on, my creative brain started thinking of ways to procrastinate the handsewing (which is my least favorite part). So of course I started digging through my fabric stash and cutting out an obscene number of new wristlets. Those, fortunately, have no hand-finishing at all, so they’ll all actually be finished soon.

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  1. urban craft says:

    I adore whales, I think they are next on my list to make!

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