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I'm Samantha (Sam), a mechanical engineer, seamstress, crafter, & entrepreneur. Enjoy perusing photos of my sewing and craft-related adventures. I hope my blog brings inspiration and happiness to your day!

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it’s here! it’s here!

hello, hello, my
little gocco! so glad you
could make it to me!

label from japan!I was sure I’d have to wait out the weekend, convinced that little Gocco wouldn’t make it to me until at least Wednesday. I could draw this out a lot and create suspense… but my title’s already given it all away. It’s here!

I had a yard sale this morning (which was rather successful, but would have been more successful if I lived near more crafty-types) and, despite the 92-degree forecast, I wasn’t too badly off in the little pocket of shade I found in my front yard.

The mail came at 11, no packages. I wasn’t surprised. But I was surprised, ecstatically so, when a second mail truck showed up at quarter to 12 and the mailman walked up, asking me if I was Samantha. I said yes, and excitedly chatted with him as I signed various slips, exclaiming, “this came all the was from japan!”, to which he replied, “yep.” He wasn’t quite as excited as me. As if a Gocco’s a run-of-the-mill package… psh!

pretty box

So after dismantling the yard sale, cluttering up the living room, taking down signs all over the neighborhood, and generally hustling about, I opened my brand new lovely baby Gocco. I have not yet created anything amazing with it, but that will come soon, don’t worry!

After watching the (slightly goofy, I did laugh a few times… but I was also really tired) instructional video transposed from VHS into an MPEG, I took a nap, showered, and went to my roommate Hannah’s birthday party: a John Williams concert at Wolf Trap! I know, like there wasn’t enough excitement in my day.

all unpacked!

They played selections from many of his film scores, including Jaws and ET, and of course my favorites: Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. They didn’t play my favorite John Williams music, Jurassic Park, which I think is my favorite movie score ever… but the rest made up for it. When they played the Indiana Jones theme, I can’t imagine what my face looked like… I was grinning like an idiot. It was just awesome. And there were all sorts of guys dressed up in costumes: lots of storm troopers, a TIE-Fighter pilot, Boba Fett, a Jawa… somebody even had an incredibly realistic, life-size R2-D2 remote control bot!

And, we had lawn seats. And it thundered, lightning’ed, and rained in some form for almost the entire thing. We were soaked, huddled under umbrellas, and having an amazing time.

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