go go go gocco

mindlessly driving
down the road of ambition;
please, smell the flowers.

box of gocco inks

I arrived home to this lovely package filled with gocco inks that I ordered before my trip! I’ve got a lovely assortment, ready for all sorts of fun adventures & experiments. I even got a few of the fabric inks to play around with those eventually.

It was really tricky to find the colors of ink I wanted because, first of all, they’re rare. I ended up ordering mine from Northwood Studios because they had the most reasonable prices.

There are lots of colors of Gocco ink, and many of them are quite similar. At four bucks a tube, you don’t want to end up with three avocado greens… so I’ve put together this gocco ink chart image set to try and keep all the names straight (thanks to some ebay pictures!). Click for a larger image!

gocco ink name chart

gocco ink name chart

gocco ink name chart

gocco ink name chart

gocco ink name chart

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    […] you ever need help with gocco ink colors, i made some nifty gocco ink charts last […]

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