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It’s a holiday weekend, summer’s making me antsy, and my recent gocco success has me fired up. So why not give you guys a sneak peek of my latest project?

samantha snap: photography & general camera love

Samantha Snap is my latest brainchild: an etsy shop focused on my love of photography combined with my recent obsession with paper goods. Yeah, I’m a little bit crazy. But this seems like it’ll give me a good time.

To start out, I’m planning on adding 5×7 prints of some of my (and your) favorite photos. I have been scanning my black and white film negatives, too, and those are even more awesome than the best of those featured in the year in haiku. And I’ve got my fresh-off-the-press orange camera gocco prints, which will hopefully be followed by moleskines.

Maybe it’s just the college kid in me, who believes in art as art. For awhile I want to dance away from the practicality of sewn objects and just toy with things that are pretty. We’ll see how this goes.

It’s amazingly refreshing to come up with an entirely new brand. The last time I did this, I was starting my freshman year of high school. I have learned so much since then about business and the internet and logos and marketing and especially about myself. I feel that right now I have the energy that starting up a business requires (at least one that’s on etsy). So there’s no fear… I’m just plain excited. It’s a refresh, and I can do it all right from the start. I’m talking budget sheets, a business plan, the works. eee!

Really, it’s all about camera love. Lately, I’m all about camera love.
And of course, it’ll be about gocco love, too. You know me. I can’t stick to one thing for long.

In case of confusion, ask questions and I’ll answer them!

Fluffyland is “down for maintenance”. Is this why? Does that mean it’s going away?
No! Fluffyland is staying around for awhile. I’ll still be keeping up with all of that, this is just another project to keep my creative soul bouncing around. It’s down for maintenance because I’m installing a cart software update that’s being fussy and taking more work than I thought (like always).

Will Samantha Snap be solely an etsy shop?
I hope not. I know etsy is very convenient, and the thought of the convenience does sway me a bit, but etsy’s just a good starting point. If things go well and I decide I want to keep this going for awhile, it’ll get its own site. I like to have the control and the professionalism that etsy can’t provide.

return of the gocco

my creative space: print gocco, paper, paper cutter

print gocco: ready to print an orange cameraNearly one year has passed since my initial endeavor with my beloved Print Gocco PG-5. I’ve been at school, reading about circuits and thermodynamics and differential equations, and my darling Gocco has been sitting in its cute little box, waiting patiently for me to return home.

I’m here, Gocco! Let’s make some awesome prints!, I said.

Okay Sam, I love you!, it replied.

One whole tube of tangerine ink later, I’ve got billions of prints. I severely underestimated the number of papers I could print, so I just started printing everything in sight. I’ve got my screen in a ziploc in the fridge (someone said I could do that) so I won’t have to clean it off. I want to try printing on scrap wood next, we’ll see how that goes. Right now I’m lucky everything in my room is not covered in orange cameras. Or maybe I’m unlucky… because they’re pretty awesome.

Oh, and if you ever try to save leftover gocco ink in something other than the original containers? Keep them in the fridge! They mold like crazy.

(if you ever need help with gocco ink colors, i made some nifty gocco ink charts last year)

And yes, these are all shots of my creative space on this lovely Thursday evening.

print gocco screen: before ink application
Here’s the screen before I used that whole tube of ink on it. It’s an image without full blocks of color, so the ink per print is low, but to cover the whole screen took a whole tube regardless. I’ll be printing orange cameras for life! (i’m okay with that!)


dish rack turned into gocco print drying rack
Here’s my impromptu drying rack: a dish rack we almost got rid of a few days ago. It works wonderfully.


billions of orange camera gocco prints
…I told you I made billions of little orange cameras. They’re so pretty…


my favorites: avocado green, and an orange camera moleskine!
These were my favorite prints of the night: the tangerine camera looks so cute on avocado green paper, and I made an orange camera printed moleskine!

Best part: I didn’t have to clean the screen. Yet. Cleaning gocco screens is by far the most (read: only) terrible part of the gocco production line. They weren’t meant to be reused, but what else are we supposed to do when they don’t make the things anymore? So sad. I love my Gocco. We’re very happy together.

gocco goodness

My dearest Gocco,

gocco ampersand by maraid on etsy

I would like to return to you,

ferris wheel gocco cards by heatherjeany on etsy

to your smelly bulbs,

gocco print cards - trees by bubbledog on etsy

to your sticky, relentlessly finger-dyeing paints,

gocco mustaches by peskimo

to your wonderful easy-but-difficult feeling,

ORANGE ampersand screenprint by nellsmith on etsy

and make some ampersands.


(click each image to see its creator!)