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wading out of the
sludge of listlessness… it’s time
to create something.

button wall

Finally recovering from that semester full of work before work followed by some work… this break’s about sleeping and relaxing but I want to get some creativity in, too. The combination of having a good idea and having the motivation to do it takes a good deal of energy, but I feel like I’m getting close and that makes me really happy.

watercolor sky

cloudy, oddly warm,
sleepy, windy, art-project
kind of day today.

tassel trims

i want to make something colorful to combat (or complement) the gray skies…

bright fog

creative dreams sink
through my senses, drowning me
in a reverie.

vintage buttons

Today was the Murray Hill Art Walk in Cleveland’s Little Italy, which is a 10-minute walk from my dorm. I passed the beginnings of setup on my way back from Church, and since it’s a brisk fall day and I have a moderate amount of homework*, exploration was necessary.

steps, steps, and stepsWe found a vintage shop where I got a handful of really exciting buttons (all buttons are exciting!) and two vintage handkerchiefs. I talked to Brian Jones, who makes spectacularly textured and very brightly colored paintings (and lots of them!). I found a paper boutique, and a building full of galleries that we plan to return to at some point in the future.

I love art. I love feeling creative, I love talking to people about creativity, I love seeing their faces when I am looking at something they’ve made. I can relate to all of it, and yet, I know nothing. It makes my heart so full and I just want to be like them, creating and showing and letting the world see things how they see them. It’s one of those “i would so be at art school right now if i could only draw” days.

Then I stopped by the darkroom to make some prints. My latest batch didn’t come out so nicely; they’re night photographs and I’m having difficulties making good enlargements. But I got some practice.

Now it’s time to exit that dreamy, colorful world and fall back into textbooks and numbers, integrals and potential energies…….. gross.

chalk boats

*moderate amount of homework: the amount that is not so large that it needs all day to be done, but not so small that it can be done without sufficient procrastination