gocco goodness

My dearest Gocco,

gocco ampersand by maraid on etsy

I would like to return to you,

ferris wheel gocco cards by heatherjeany on etsy

to your smelly bulbs,

gocco print cards - trees by bubbledog on etsy

to your sticky, relentlessly finger-dyeing paints,

gocco mustaches by peskimo

to your wonderful easy-but-difficult feeling,

ORANGE ampersand screenprint by nellsmith on etsy

and make some ampersands.


(click each image to see its creator!)

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2 Responses

  1. aunt stephanie says:

    Really cool! Hey, Leslie is having a craft night at her house next Friday, to make felted beads and wired beads. Let me know if you’d like to come, and I’ll make plans to get you! Not sure Ben would like it… or Brad…. gotta spend some real time with them, didn’t really get to on Sunday.
    love, aunt ss

  2. urban craft says:

    swooooooooooon, want gocco.

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