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thrifted curtains and sunshine

yellow thrifted butterfly curtains in my dorm room

Would you look at the sun streaming in through that window!

Today was an amazingly sunny day. It was certainly brisk (high of 40), but no wind and no clouds. Add in the fact that the birds are finally chirping, and it’s starting to feel like spring!

I enjoy having photo documentation of each of my dorm rooms, and, really, each place I’ve lived. I can look back at pictures like this one and remember exactly how I felt in that room; how I felt during that year; how I’ve changed.

So today’s streaming sunlight reminded me to capture my Last Dorm Room Ever, and it will now live on in perpetuity thanks to the internet. But also, I wanted to share a picture of my beautiful thrifted yellow butterfly curtains!

yellow screen-printed butterfly curtains

I like the fabric because the butterflies are screen-printed, which allows these curtains to just barely pass my “are you sure this isn’t too granny-kitschy” test. I also, of course, love the orange accents. But I’m especially happy because I’m pretty sure these curtains were handmade: machine-sewn, carefully pleated, and then blind-hemmed by hand.

Add in the fact that these 4 panels fit my windows beautifully, and the set was 6 bucks… I’m sold. Nothing makes a dorm room feel more like home than happy curtains.

Happy Wednesday-Friday! (yes, today is named “wednesday-friday” because it’s a mini-Friday for me… no Thursday class!)

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lovely day.

sewing the plush narwhalspinned stack of plush narwhalsit’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. high of 81 and i couldn’t be more thankful for the sun.

I sat in the sun for a few hours this afternoon (yes, i did put on sunscreen!) and read through some books in preparation for my huge and intimidating research paper. Then I started on this pile that feels like it must contain close to a thousand narwhals. But I really can’t complain when I get to sew in the sun.

waiting on sunshine

boy on roof - 35mm film, printed on fiber-based paper

I took this picture in late September, the time of year where occasional breezes creep in but even their chilliness is only a foreshadowing of a crisp fall. I miss that sun, the sun that brings not only light but warmth. Today there was plenty of sun, but it was frigid, blindingly white, unfriendly sun. I’m ready for spring.

This picture was taken with a 35mm camera (canon ae-1! vintage and wonderful) and printed on fiber-based paper. I’m hoping to use the negative scanner at the library to scan my negatives into digital prints… as much as I love the darkroom, I can’t print many pictures when they take almost an hour apiece to get good results.

Now it’s back to studying for midterms, with all the lights in my room turned on as a fruitless attempt to make myself some sun.