lovely day.

sewing the plush narwhalspinned stack of plush narwhalsit’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. high of 81 and i couldn’t be more thankful for the sun.

I sat in the sun for a few hours this afternoon (yes, i did put on sunscreen!) and read through some books in preparation for my huge and intimidating research paper. Then I started on this pile that feels like it must contain close to a thousand narwhals. But I really can’t complain when I get to sew in the sun.

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m loving the Ohio weather lately. So warm and sunny!

    What topic are you doing your research paper on?

  2. aunt stephanie says:

    I sure miss you, Sam! I’m loving this weather too, and hoping the tractor will start after its chilly hibernation, because I think I can actually watch the grass growing! Lots of daffodils here!

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