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Starburst Wrapper Bracelet Tutorial

starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial!

Big news! The Starburst Wrapper Bracelet Tutorial is now available as an Amazon e-book!

It’s only $2.99 and with the e-book version, you can take this handy step-by-step guide wherever you’re going to be folding! For an excellent crafty gift, give the e-book along with a pack of Starburst. The purchased book can be read on the iPad, Kindle, e-reader, or your computer screen so it’s portable and versatile.

Thanks for your support of Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog, and enjoy crafting!

Have you been wondering how to make the amazing bracelets from Starburst wrappers? A simple folding method, plus some finishing tips, will help you make your very own Starburst bracelet. It looks like a lot of steps, but after you’ve made a few links you’ll have the folding method memorized. The average bracelet takes 30-36 Starburst wrappers, so save up! Ask friends to unwrap carefully and “donate”, and to avoid candy binges and sugar highs, unwrap all your Starbursts and save them in a ziploc bag for later. You can save money by buying Starbursts in bulk from Amazon.

If you’re clever, you can make this bracelet from any rectangular wrapper: dum dum wrappers, tootsie roll wrappers, most gum wrappers, now and laters… be creative, there are lots of options!

Keep in mind that when you have finished, you need the bracelet to be big enough to slide on and off your wrist without too much trouble. Because of the folding method, the bracelet will stretch slightly, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem.., but be careful. This is the only tutorial that contains the ending method that blends in with the rest of the bracelet; it’s very tricky but entirely feasible.

Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Step 1
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Take your first wrapper… and flip it over.
I know, it’s tricky.

Step 2
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Fold (hot dog) one side in to the halfway point.

Step 3
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Fold (hot dog) the other side to the halfway point.

Step 4
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Next, fold (hot dog) the whole thing in half so the raw edges you just folded are on the inside crease.

Step 5
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Fold (hot dog) in half again.

Step 6
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Fold (hamburger) in half.

Step 7
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Fold (hamburger) one side to the halfway point.

Step 8
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Fold (hamburger) the other side to the halfway point. Steps 1-8 give 1 completed link.

Repeat steps 1-8 with the next wrapper.

Step 9
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Insert points 1 and 2 into slots A and B, so it looks like this:
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial

Step 10
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial   starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
And pull it through.

Step 11
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Continue making links (steps 1-8) and adding them on (steps 9 & 10)…

Step 12
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
… until you begin to build up a chain.

Step 13
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Once you have reached the desired length… this is where it gets tricky.

Step 14
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Make one more link the same way as the others (steps 1-8), but then unfold the last two folds. Insert these raw edges into the same spots in the “V”.

Step 15
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Pull the two ends of the bracelet close together, and hold the edges of your long “V” over both edges of the end of the other side.

Step 16
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Insert the raw edges into the first wrapper. You’re doing the same thing we’ve been doing, but backwards. That’s the easiest way to think about it. It’s hard to photograph and explain, but if you’re making it look like all the other links, you’re doing it right.

Step 17
starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial
Pull ends through until you reach the original folded point, and tuck the raw edges into the previous wrapper, so it looks just like the other wrappers in the chain.
tip!   At this point, I find it helpful to use a paperclip or similar item to push the wrappers through. This is the trickiest part, and will require a bit of fiddling.

starburst bracelet!

And you’re done! Congratulations!

I’d love to see pictures or hear about your bracelet-making adventures! Leave a comment below or send me a picture of your new bracelet!

Order Starbursts in bulk from Amazon:

656 comments to Starburst Wrapper Bracelet Tutorial

  • Heather

    my teeth are going to fall out after all the sweets i’m going to have to eat over the next few days!

    But I love it :)

    Thanks for being so creative!

  • eddi moor

    it’s so great idea ! it’s so creative

  • Wow!! I made it!!! haha got some stomach aches after a bunch of candies and jolly ranchers but i love it!!! Great and innovative art, congratulations!! here’s a dance for you

    ~ (>^_^)>!! lol

  • charli

    Wow, you must eat A LOT of starburst!

  • mecici

    instead of eating them all and getting a stomach ache, i unwrapped the ones i needed and put the star bursts into an air tight container and they stay good for a long time. that way the bracelts get done faster and your teeth dont hurt for a sugar overdose! :)

  • isn’t this what we use to do with our chewing gum wrappers???

  • Paige

    Oh sweet korean barbeque!
    I have been trying to learn
    how to make these for months!
    Thank you so much!
    I have a zip-loc bag FULL of wrappers.
    All waiting to be made into lovely bracelets.

  • Holly

    Hey, thanks a bunch!
    I saw a girl last year in my class with one of these bracelets and I always wondered how to make them. This was very helpful. Thank you!! =)

  • hey nice.. it’s great. thats cool how u made that. lolz:P ok bye

  • I made one of these a couple of years ago out of magazine pages…the cat stole it and it remains one of his favorite toys!!

  • Liz

    We used to make these from gum wrappers “back in the day”

  • Justin

    I am making one for my ex..She recently broke up with me. Hopefully she likes it.

    Thanks for showin’ me how to do it.

    Funny, a skateboarder making one of these :P

  • catdog

    hi! thanks for teaching me how to make those! i understood everything completely, but i have one question. how do you get the wrappers (once they’re folded in a ‘V’) to stay together with another ‘V’ without falling apart?? i’m frustrated..please help!!! thanks!

  • I used to know someone and their mom had strings of candy wrapper garland around one side of her (tiny) kitchen, I always thought it was so cool, but never worked up the nerve to ask how to do it and over the years since then, when I’ve tossed empty candy wrappers away, I’ve wondered how those “links” were made. You’ve solved this query for me and given me a great excuse to buy candy :D Thank-you for the terrific, step-by-step article!!

  • ella

    Loved it… can u make something to be used in bathroom..like some creative soap holders opr something..
    Looking forward to your new exceiting posting..Gr8 work :-)

  • KellyAnne

    [tips:] it takes about 3 packets to make [just an fyi]. and also take the starbrust candies and stick the in a zip top bag to eat later so you don’t rot your teeth and get sick!

    I made about 10 billion of them for christmas presents for my friends. they are fun. the candies I put in a little bag and gave it to them away with the bracelets too. I made so many I am sick of starbrust candy but love the wrappers!

  • lulups

    so cool
    thanks :D

  • it’s a real surprise for me!!
    my uncle made bracelets like yours 60 years ago!! and now, thanking you, I can make them again…

  • it didn’t really work that well for me but thanks!!

  • That is soooo neat. Thank you for sharing. Now I will have to pick ! I’ll have to pick up some starbursts!

  • Stefany

    We just moved to Germany and the Commisary here has had Starburts so cheap I’ve already bought 3 bags and then I saw your ‘how to do’ and now we NEED MORE BAGS!! I’ve got 3 girls plus myself who can’t WAIT to make them! Oh and my 5 yr old son is a little excited also!

  • alexis

    it is very cool.

  • paula

    That was great!! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if you know (and tell) how to make a purse, I cant figuer out how to make it except for just a traight line of candy papers.
    Thank you very much

  • Kaitie Ellott

    thanks soo much! i already knew how to make the bracelet it self but i never knew how to finish it! thanks agian bye bye!!

    kaitie elliott

  • Kara

    this is awesome! i cant wait to make one! theres new tropical starbursts as well :D

  • suzie

    Thanks….i always new how to make them but didn’t know how to connect them. I too am looking for a patern for a purse…haven’t figured that one out yet!!! I made one with beer labels from beer bottles also. My main squeeze would peel the labels when we went out….and i would save them. kinda corny…but they work too!!!

  • yay! i finally finished my bracelet it came out wonderful. I made it with tropical starburst and Baja California ones all in rainbow order!

  • Samantha

    Oh my god!!! I was just looking up how to make a starburst braclet and who’s website shows me how to make one? Why my samwich’s!! Gosh you are so creative!! I’m doing one out of tootise rolls, Thanks for the help Sam!!
    -Samantha Bergeron

  • Kara

    hey i made my bracelet! im gonna make another one out of the tropical one! i made i think it was 5 earrings out of the wrappers in bow shapes! they look awesome so if you wanna know how i did just email me!

    • Paula


      I just found the tutorial on the Starburst wrappers & would love to see how you made earrings to match, if you don’t mind. I made gum wrapper chains like this in grade school & Jr. High, but had forgotten how to fold & put them together(that was before most people reading this were born!). Now I’m just dying to make a purse!

  • katie

    thanks this is so cool!! that is a lot of starbursts… lol!!

  • link

    cool i already made llike ten thanks

  • delish

    i love starburst so i’m def gonna make bracelets, so excited!

  • Katrina Iorio

    Thank u SO much!!!! It came out so cool. All my friends want to know how to do it . Im the only one who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank u SOoOoo much!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Hey thanks! I knew how to make the chains of starburst but i could never figure out how to put it all together and make a bracelet! Well thanks again!

  • i love it but it took me 4 hours

  • Christian

    Ah man. im light headed, worked my way through 2 packs of starbursts. lol. woo!! need one more pack for the bracelet !! =D



    i have like 384263498236423 star burst wrappers and i needed to get rid of them thanks for this idea

  • heather

    i still can’t get the two ends to meet right

  • Erin

    OMG! i just saw a girl today with one of these. she said i could find it online. now i gotta go get 3 packs of starbursts! thank you for the great instructions!

  • Katie

    cool yall! i actually colect starburst wrappers! Starburst is my Fav candy! i am actually working on a purse made out of starburst!

  • amy

    you dont have to use starburst wrapper, take one and use things from magazines and other wrappers, it would still look awesome!

  • I still don’t understand how to put them together but good job.

  • Tiffany =)

    OMGGGG =)
    my friend had a starburst beacelet and ive always wanted to kno how but i didnt want to ask becuz i didnt want her to think i was copying her…but this is soo cooool =)
    thnxx for the step by step instrutions.the pics helped ALOT…believe me lol
    thnkkk u this is the coolest thing ive ever made =)

  • Heder

    COOL COOL now have something to fun with. Send me starbursty rappers!!! Boom-chak-a-laka. Hey it like Chik-Fil-A yea!Starbursts is yummy I have excuses to buy lot. I just tell me husband that I going sell them at craft show. Thanks! sorry my english not to good.

  • Juila

    wow thanks! I want to be the first at my school wearing one!

  • Abbie

    Thnx so much for showing me how to make one. ive tried for years and ii finally made one. ii had a huge zip lock bag of wrappers from throught the years and they acually came to good use! Thnx a bunch!

  • Maddy

    Wow! What a treat! I love this creation.. its so fun! well anyways thanks for the directions!

  • C-Rat

    This is an amazing idea!!! I will have to try it out.

  • Lor Lor

    Hey! I was wondering if you could make Step 10 a bit clearer, but other wise you have done a great job! This was such a useful website. saw a person in my school with it and i had to have it! Its such a goodd new trend that i could possible start i my school. I remembered I had two packs of starburst last night, so i picked them out of the garbage and im stuck. Please respond. Thanx!
    -Lor Lor- @–>–>

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