travel tuesday: silly things in basel

hannah and claire at the dreilaendereck in basel

Basel: A quick girls’ trip to Switzerland. A breezy round trip for me, and a first time in Europe for Claire and Hannah. It was wonderful to see Europe through their fresh eyes, and, as it always is with friends, the smallest things were the best things.

claire with a giant pair of jeans in basel

Or, sometimes, it’s the largest things… like this enormous pair of pants that I forced a hesitant Claire to pose with.

an oddly grumpy wooden church pew man, basel

The church pews in the Basel Münster were adorned with extremely grumpy wooden men!

red face carvings at the basel rathaus

And the windows of the Rathaus were bedecked in small, individually distinct faces.

tavern lantern featuring a urinating dwarf in basel

We spotted a tavern lantern that featured a urinating dwarf…

giant birkenstock in basel

… and a window-sized Birkenstock. Maybe it belongs with the giant pants!

wooden door in basel with exposed glutes

And of course, how could I resist sharing the wooden door with artfully carved men showing off their glutes? Resistance is futile. The glutes must be displayed.

the best schokocroissants of my life

On a much more serious note: these were the best schokocroissants I have ever had. I will never forget them, and I will never fail to wish I could continue to eat them daily. Three days, one croissant per day, was nowhere near enough.

Travel Tuesday is a semi-weekly feature that allows me to recap the many trips I’ve failed to formally document. I’ll be sharing photos and fuzzy (but fond) memories from recent and not-so-recent adventures.

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