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sewing room tour: sneak peek

sewing room tour: view from the doorway

Alternate titles for this post include, “the longest lent ever”, or “easter? it’s almost christmas”. Or there’s always the simple, “hello, again. remember me?”.

I try never to apologize for blogging infrequently, since sometimes it can’t be helped. And when I’m busy, or I just don’t have anything to say, I’m not going to force it. A forced post is almost always worse than the awkward silence of “wow, Lent has been over for almost 200 days”.

The big news is: I moved. To my own apartment. It’s filled with luxuries: a gas stove, a washer and dryer, a giant closet in my bedroom, a fireplace, a balcony… and a sewing room.

My sewing room is gorgeous and tiny and has a giant window. It’s big enough for huge creative messes, but small enough that it cleans up quickly. I think the little tour coming up will be just the way to make up for my months’ long absence. I can’t wait to show you – check back tomorrow!

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