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inkodye - upholstered furniture and custom artwork, made using photographs and the sun

Lumi’s Inkodye is a light sensitive dye that can be used on fabric, leather, wood, and most organic materials. It’s awesome: it develops in sunlight, so before you go outside you have plenty of chances to fix your mistakes. Try that with regular dye! And it’s thicker than regular dye, almost like a fabric paint, which makes it delightful to work with.

I did an awesome project using Inkodye a few months back – I need an assistant photographer to catch me modeling my new shirt, but hopefully I’ll get some photos here soon. In the meantime, you can check out their site for some tutorials, ideas, and inspiration. The photo above is from a collaboration with an artist. Typewriters and photography, two of my loves blended for some incredible artwork.

(disclaimer: yes, i was sent the inkodye for review. but it’s got my stamp of approval, and i can’t wait to share my projects with you.)

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