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I'm Samantha (Sam), a mechanical engineer, seamstress, crafter, & entrepreneur. Enjoy perusing photos of my sewing and craft-related adventures. I hope my blog brings inspiration and happiness to your day!

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cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK!

cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK! @ fluffyland craft & sewing blog

What is this?! An entire week of giveaways?!

Yes! And I’m giving away everyone’s favorite thing: fabric! I’m recklessly purging my fabric stash, which means we all win: I get storage space and you get my excess fabric!

Today I got a late start, but every day this week I will be scheduling a post for 12:00am EST. Each day’s entry will be open from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST. The winner for each day will be announced and contacted the following morning, and if you’re the lucky one, you’ll be sent a package full of fabric goodness!

What’s Today’s Fabric Look Like?

The most important question!

day 1 of fabric giveaway week: vintage florals

The main fabric in this bundle is a vintage floral crinkly-on-purpose poly-blend: the woman whose stash this initially came from has kindly marked its size, 1 5/8 yards, 40″ wide (don’t you love it when you find those?). The other two fabrics are new but vintage-look cottons, and each measures in at about a half yard. And you never know, the winner might get a surprise or two as well!

How do I enter?

1. You receive 1 name in the hat for a comment on today’s giveaway post. Say whatever you’d like – if you’re lost for ideas, think of something you could make with today’s fabric! And make sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win!

2. You receive 1 additional name in the hat for mentioning this giveaway on your blog (and tell me in your comment!) I have made some buttons below to help you out in this endeavor!

*My apologies, but I cannot send packages outside the United States in this giveaway!*

cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK! @ fluffyland craft & sewing blog

cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK! @ fluffyland craft & sewing blog

Enjoy, good luck, and come back tomorrow for more!

10 comments to cart full of fabric: GIVEAWAY WEEK!

  • Rachel W.

    Am I commenting in the right place? I hope so!

    The crinkly poly-blend would have to become some sort of summery blouse. It reminds me so strongly of my little Polish grandmother: she has a row of short-sleeved, wash-faded blouses hanging by her vintage Singer in her basement sewing corner. I wish I’d been interested in sewing before I moved away from her. She could have taught me a lot!

    I think the other two might become pillows. We’re moving into a two-bedroom apartment, and the second bedroom is going to be my craft room. I want to decorate it with cute patterns AND give myself somewhere to relax when I’m ripping out stitches, so pillows it is!

  • Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m poking around your blog right now…:) What a fun giveaway! :) I hope I win! :)

  • Sarah

    That’s awesome, it reminds me of my grandma too – although she was Irish-American. She had these thick plates with a pattern like that on it :-).

  • Hi! So cute, I don’t know what I’d use them for but I need to build up my stash. I posted this contest on my blog also: <a href="http://axisoftweevil.blogspot.com/2011/08/oh-look-contest.html&quot; Axis of Tweevil.

  • Henria O.

    The vintage floral looks like a gored skirt for one or both of my daughters! The lime green would definitely work as a wonderful apron panel for a knot dress! I love vibrant colors! The last fabric would become a tablecloth for my daughter’s play table. She’d love it!

  • Henria O.

    Grabbed your button here: http://sazzyfrazz.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • The bottom stuff does look vintage. I would love to add some bright colors to my quilt fabric pile. clairjuly at yahoo dot com

  • Kim

    I’ve recently begun sewing and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful fabric.

  • Karin C.

    I would use the vintage type fabric with my vintage pillowcases to make a quilt for my bed. The other fabric I would use for children’s little bags.