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What have I been up to in the last 3 weeks?

Final projects, final exams, coming back home to Virginia, Christmas shopping…

and a whole lot of little narwhals.
cart full of narwhals

This is only a portion of those that have been sent out! I sewed and sewed until I had to take a major break and study-study-study… then I got home and kept sewing narwhals for four straight days. I finished up the rest of my Christmas project sewing, so now I’m on a self-imposed sewing break. Time to clean up, relax, and enjoy Christmastime.

And even though aimee is taking a break from list-it tuesday, I’ve got a list for you! Here is a list of all the states I sent narwhals to this Christmas.

states receiving narwhals this christmas!

And since there were some duplicates, I colored a little map to more accurately view the distribution:

state map: narwhal distribution

New York wins the contest for most narwhals this Christmas, with 6! It’s pretty neat for me to see how narwhals have made it to so many states.

Lots of blogs are taking breaks right about now, but I think I already took my break! I’ve got lots of posts I’ve been meaning to post and pictures I’ve been meaning to share, so this is a great chance for me to catch up.

I hope all your Christmas preparations are becoming less hectic and you have a chance to sit down and enjoy the beauty of the season! A cup of coffee or hot chocolate by the twinkly tree helps me a lot… what keeps you from getting too stressed during the holiday bustle?

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  1. Michelle says:

    I hope you had an amazing Christmas, Sam!

    That’s so cool how many of your narwhals are spread out across the country!

  2. Joshua says:

    My sisters love the cart full of narwhals. And so do I! :)

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