happy weekend!

Two weeks of classes down and I think I’m ready for another summer. This 3-day weekend is looking like a good one, though: my only official plans are a trip to the grocery store, church, and the baking of a peach pie.

Last weekend was the opposite: lots of driving, lots of socializing, not being home much. Not that I’m complaining, it was an awesome weekend. Spent Saturday at Cedar Point then headed to my Aunt Stephanie’s on Sunday for a going away party for my cousin Caitlin.

I got to give my camera its public debut, which was nice. She got lots of compliments.

brad taking a picture of himself in the car mirror
Camera testing.


caitlin by the pond, shamon in the pond.
The pond, once the doggy jumped in.


a cake in the shape of virginia
I cut a cake in the shape of Virginia, and Brad frosted it (like a pro).


sam and brad shoes

While it was very nice to see lots of people and do lots of things, I’m always a fan of time spent quietly and slowly. I like sitting and thinking and sewing… it’s what I do best. This will be a nice weekend.

Whether you’re sitting around at home savoring alone time or using the time as a chance to catch up with friends and family, enjoy the holiday!

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