like an answered prayer,
the sun greets me, warm and bright,
as i walk to mass.

I never thought I’d be this excited to see 40 degree weather… but it’s beautiful. I feel like it’s spring. It makes such a big difference walking around in weather that’s above freezing. Today the sun is gloriously bright and the snow is turning all slushy, the snow drips plinkety-plink from the rooftops of buildings and the sky is finally blue.

sun through the clouds

I love Sundays. I love going to Mass. As a college student, it feels good to have this as my own decision. Every Sunday, I choose to go to Mass – nobody makes me – and sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to give even that one hour to God. This morning, I could have slept in; last night, I could have gone to bed later; but I went to bed early, woke up for early Church, and I’m already being rewarded. I got the beautiful walk to and from the church, which was the start of a great day, and I got the blessing and reminder of God’s love, which is the start of a great week. This is the best way to start a week, and I’m so glad to have this weekly reminder of God’s presence in my life.

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