escape from the world,
if only for a short while…
close your eyes, stop thinking.

(for more about the awesomeness of naps, see 1000 awesome things!)

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  1. Reena says:

    Jodie, happy early new year, first of all (before I forget). You make such beftiuaul and ingenious things. I wish I commented more but am always reading your blog when the kids are all over me. It is 2 am now and finally some peace and quiet! Thank you for what you make and for sharing it with us so we can all be inspired/lose hope of ever making anything decent forever. No, I jest. I am so glad I found your blog when I did months ago. Those robots! The story! The elephants! But my favorite has to be those craft clocks. Brilliant, funny and slightly twisted – love it all. Thank you!

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