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alyssa’s sock monkey! Obligations have been keeping me from what I love. I mean sure, physics homework and calculus tests are lots of fun, but I would so much rather be sewing… the creative side of my brain has started breaking through a bit, though, and I’m expecting a huge burst of inspiration to barrel its way into my life sometime soon. One of those ideas you can’t get away from, can’t stop working on. I haven’t been my usual creative spastic self, but I hope that will be changing soon.

A friend of mine is commissioning me to screenprint t-shirts for his band. I’m ridiculously excited about this enormous project; I’ve never done something on such a large scale before. Granted, it’s only 100 shirts, which may not seem like bulk for those who are used to this sort of thing, but it’s an intimidating number to me. I’ve screenprinted a few pieces of fabric before (whales of course) but I’ve never done the fancy schmancy photo emulsion method. But as always, I enjoy a good crafty experiment and a challenge.

The real challenge, as always, is time. I’ve got plenty of work, and plenty of procrastination accompanies that work. So it’s not really the work that keeps me from my crafting, but the procrastination that keeps me from my work. It’s a terrible pattern.

I did manage to crank out this sock monkey for my friend Alyssa’s birthday a few weeks ago. Sock monkeys take plenty of love, with all their hand sewing and such, but he’s so adorable and it was so worth it. Don’t you love the elegant photo setups I can create in my dorm room?

I have Christmas ideas all set, and plenty lined up to keep me busy. I’ve got two tests, a paper, and a lab report due this week, but my creative spark is coming back. And I will make something awesome very soon.

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  1. Kristine says:

    Stumbled across your blog. Best of luck on everything. It’s great to see conservative young people out there – especially those with talent and direction. My mom taught me how to sew when I was 5, but I stopped while I was in college and didn’t start back up again until I was 35. I missed out on a lot of good sewing years.

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