whales like swings, too

A week or so ago, my brothers and I decided to head to the park down the street. We have a swingset in our backyard, but the park has the good swings. I realized that the new baby whales, Dottie, Jane, Wilbur, & Windy might like to come along. They certainly did enjoy themselves…

First, they headed for the slide… having never been down one before, they weren’t sure how they’d like it. They looked cute up there, though!
Whales on the Slide

Whales on the Slide

Wilbur was the first to try, since he is the most daring of the bunch. Since he enjoys thrilling things and dreams of being a pilot, he loved the slide.
Wilbur Sliding

They also enjoyed climbing up the fun-shaped ladder:
Whales climbing

And of course, they couldn’t miss my favorite.. the swings!
Whales Swinging

This was a lot of excitement for such little whales, and the y got very tired. They stopped at the bottom of the slide to rest for awhile while I was still on the swings, then they hopped back into my tote and I carried them home. Lucky they didn’t have to swim! :D
Tired Whales

Dottie, Jane, Wilbur, & Windy are brand new and for sale over at Fluffyland. Each has a special story and personality, and they have different fabrics on their tummies!

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  1. Erin says:

    Adorable! And when I get some spare change, I plan on getting a whale for Jaz. She will love it. But she is in teething mode so we’ll need something that can stand up to lots of slobber. Maybe a terry cloth one?

  2. Nathalie says:

    how sweet!! The slide looks like a giant whales mouth!

  3. katya says:

    This blog entry is fantastic. Your whales are so cute.

  4. Joshua says:

    Will these make a comeback?

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