let the sun wrap its arms around me…

Fleur Wristlet The past two days have been just gorgeous outside. While the sun is quite hot, the trees around our deck make a delightful patch of shade over the table. We have eaten lunch outside both days, and I have been reading some as well. I actually finished the first of my summer reading books, The Sun Also Rises, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I love reading, but I never look forward to summer assignments, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I love the sun, the breeze, and the sound of the fluttering leaves: I just love summer.

It’s also very inspirational; I’ve come up with some fun plans for shop items, including these three new wristlets, which I’ve added to the shop. I’m experimenting with more trims and laces, because I want my pouches to have a more exciting, unique, handmade look. What do you think?

Summer Symphony Wristlet Yesterday was also self-proclaimed Whale Day, and I wore my favorite whale shirt from Target, which I love, and I cut out 27 whales. Yep, that’s right: twenty-seven whales. I drafted a pattern for a new medium sized whales, in addition to the baby and huge whales that I’ve already made bunches of. There are 19 whales somewhat assembled that have been cut from light blue stretch terry, and the 8 others are very very light blue sweatshirt-type knit. Almost every one has a different tummy pattern, so they’re all very exciting!

Part of the reason for this over-achievement in sewingland is because I have sent in my application for Crafty Bastards, DC this fall. I hope I get in; I’m excited! And if not, I’ll have plenty of whales around to comfort me. :)

Some great links for you to enjoy along with your daily dose of summer sunshine:
Delicate Rose Wristlet

  • some inexplicably adorable ice cream plushies by Teresa of Sewing Stars
  • Photos of the preparation Heidi of My Paper Crane does for craft shows… I don’t know how she cranks out that many plush!
  • Alicia’s awesome ripple blanket
  • Embroidery Library, where I’ve been spending much of my time… lots of cute designs in the Dollar Delights category, where they’re only $1 each!
  • And, as always, I am obsessed with The Sampler; I’m thinking of things right now that I can hopefully send in!

I hope you all have a delightful day – enjoy the beautiful nature around you and frolic outside before it gets too hot!

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  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like you’re really enjoying summer! That’s great. I always love summer until the heat becomes a little too unbearable, hehe. Your wristlets are really adorable. I love the brown one. They definitely have an ‘exciting, unique, handmade look’!

    Oh Teresa’s ice cream plushies are adorable! They make me crave for ice cream even though it’s freezing cold over here! All the best for the Crafty Bastards show!

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