friday afternoons.
bursting with freedom and hope,
a whole weekend waits.

beginnings of an owl purse… and sun! I orchestrated my schedule so Friday afternoons are my free afternoons. Most people are still in class, so I get some time to relax and unwind after the week.

It’s a smiling day. It’s warm (40 degrees F, baby!), sunny, and there are no clouds in the sky – just perfect blueness. The ground is still covered in snow, but that makes it more awesome. It’s so bright out, I’m done with all my tests (how i did on physics today is something i’m not thinking about), I got an A on my calculus test (YAY), and I have less homework to do this weekend than I’ve had any other weekend since I’ve gotten to college.

owl purse detail trimWednesday night I needed my brain to work with something other than numbers… I just needed a break. So I pulled out this trim that I got in Spain last spring (remnant.. something like .30 euros) and found fabric. I just started cutting. Because sometimes, that’s just the way you have to do things.

So I’ve got the start of a rounded purse, with owls and scalloped trim. Today is sewing day… finally. I’ve been waiting for the sunshine.

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  1. Michelle says:

    That fabric is adorable!

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