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a birthday pouch for Claire

birthday pouch for claire: paris apartments

My favorite Claire’s birthday was Monday: the big quarter-century. I wanted to celebrate her newfound love of travel: we spent a few days exploring Switzerland together in October, and that was her first transatlantic journey. Now, she’s hooked on traveling (i’m taking the credit for that one), and she’s planning to visit France this fall.

I bought this colorful house print cotton in Germany, so it will always convey a European feel to me. I stitched up a little pouch with a metal zipper, and a leather keyring tab to keep it classy. It’s impossible to have too many little pouches, especially on adventures. Keeping track of receipts, ticket stubs, all those coins, currywurst forks that you can’t bear to throw away… I clearly require a pile of zipper pouches at all times.

birthday pouch for claire: paris apartments

Happy Birthday Claire! So glad I could celebrate with you. And have a wonderful weekend, dear readers!

a little birdie pouch

little birdie pouch

My sewing brain was rusty, and my sewing table was dusty. That should never happen! So I made a tiny little birdie pouch. Because you can always use another tiny little pouch. This one’s 5″ x 3″… perfect for holding hair ties and chapstick, or my little German vocabulary cards.

I can’t get enough of metal zippers lately… I just love how they look and feel. This one has some age to it, so there’s a slight patina, and I think that makes it even better.

little birdie pouch

It coordinates quite nicely with the bright yellow salt & pepper shakers I bought on a Spring break antiquing adventure last week. They’re amazing!

little birdie pouch

It’s striped on the inside. Tiny birdies and stripes. A good little project for a cold, snowy day.

yellow vintage salt & pepper shakers

And here is another shot of my salt & pepper shakers, because I know you wanted to see more!

something i made: orange pleated handbag

me and my new handmade orange purse (day 10 of the 30 day photo challenge: something i made)

Today’s photo challenge, “Something I Made”, is only difficult for me because there are so many things to choose from! I made some peach jam yesterday, and while my sample toast this morning was perfect, it doesn’t make for a particularly captivating photograph. Then I saw my orange purse, and realized: I still haven’t shown you my purse!

my new handmade orange purse, modeled by a post

I made this purse in the middle of June due to sheer necessity. I had been carrying around my darling bicycle tote for quite some time, and although I love it, it’s not always up to Purse Standards. It’s got pockets, and it’s the best tote ever, but it’s not a purse.

This guy, with its magnetic snap, pleats, adjustable strap, and 10 pockets (!!), is much closer to Purse Standards.

handmade orange purse with blue & white striped interior... and 10 pockets!

The only things blocking it from true Purse Standards are its bright orange hue and utilitarian canvas exterior – which I wouldn’t trade for the world. Cameras aren’t good with orange, though; my apologies. The color is as accurately represented as my camera will allow: in real life it’s an incredibly saturated shade of orange.

It’s lined in a contrasting cobalt blue-and-white stripe. As you can see, there are pockets on each side of the purse – some are sized to fit gum, my little wallet, my phone, a notepad, and pens. There’s also a small zipper pocket – and the zipper is yellow. The pocket lining is a surprise yellow floral. I love making zipper pockets with surprisingly fun linings! And I absolutely adore having a plethora of pockets!

handmade orange purse with blue & white striped interior... and 10 pockets!

This bag was modeled after an awesome moop bag, which I considered purchasing but theirs was too big for me and – let’s face it – not bright orange with a blue-and-white striped lining. But if you like this style, I’ve heard great things about their quality, and it’s all handmade, so go moop!

In other news, I listed a few things on ebay today… I’ve got some 5-Tee bulk lots of American Apparel solid color tees that would be perfect for tie-dying or screen printing, plus a retired Alexander Henry “Bobby Sock Rock” fabric… I’m clearing out my stash and hopefully some crafty types will benefit from it!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Wednesday!

oh! p.s. the photo of me was taken by my 13-year-old brother, thanks Andy!

This photo is part of oh so lovely’s 30 Day Photo Challenge. Today is Day 10: Something I Made.