test week almost over,
but i think i’m all burned out.
sleeping would be nice.

beading instead of doing homework…

I made it through yesterday’s calculus test and today’s chemistry test… now I’m supposed to do calculus homework and study for tomorrow’s physics test. But I can only stay concentrated for so many days in a row… I would love a nap right now, followed by some sewing. I’ve been feeling quite creative lately; I’ve been playing with corduroy (inspired by the chilly weather) and I’ve started making a purse with some adorable owl fabric. I tried to take pictures, but the off-winter light makes everything look rather glum.

The good news about this week (besides the fact that it’s almost over) is that this means no chemistry or physics homework this weekend! So we’re having museum day on Saturday, girls’ day out, and heading to the Rock ‘n’ Roll hall of fame, possibly followed by the art museum. We haven’t taken advantage of our student passes yet, so this is a perfect opportunity. It’ll be fun!

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