yay for feeling accomplished

just lovely for a day at the beach
New Palm Grove Stripe Wristlet and Pinky Louise the Flamingo Wristlet in stock! Mix and match for double the fun!

I am very proud of myself. I made both of these wristlets today, then immediately took pictures and added them to the shop. That is a record for me.. usually I tak pictures about once a month. And by that time, I have at least 10 things to photograph, so it takes forever and it’s a pain. But today, I did it right away. And it was so relaxing and fun with just two things. I went outside, took pictures, and then I was done. And I took the pictures on my front sidewalk, right in front of our little plants (pacasandra). Then I uploaded the pictures, resized them and cropped them, and typed up descriptions (and thought of the great name Pinky Louise the Flamingo.. hehe).

Two products made, pictures taken, and added to the site. A blog entry. And a newsletter sent out. All in one day. I feel so accomplished. :D Yay Sam!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Pinky Louise the Flamingo makes me wish I had money. I love it!

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