oh so funny bunny

funny bunnies

These are Funny Bunnies. A new, randomly created pattern by yours truly.

Funny Bunny #1! On Monday I saw my bag of those big black eyes, and thought it would be really cute to have a little creature with a small head and huge eyes. So, I cut out a head, sewed it.. cut out ears, sewed them on, then the arms and legs/body. Basically it was a make-up-as-you-go sort of project. She obviously needed a dress, so I made her a skirt with a scrap of fabric (matches the ears!) and some elastice. Finally I decided to make it a jumper, so I added straps and buttons. Yay! Funny Bunny!

Yesterday I started on the second one.. she wasn’t finished when the picture was taken, obviously. Today I sewed her arms on, and made her a little apron.. this funny bunny likes to cook.

They require quite a bit of handsewing, therefore quite a bit of time, so I wasn’t sure if I would sell them.. I love making them, but I’m not sure if people would want to buy something so small for more than $5. Any ideas, input?

yay! zippers!

I ordered these zippers off ebay.. a pack of 100, 7″ and 8″, for $10 + $5 shipping. That means they were 15 cents each, which I am overjoyed with after spending 85 cents on a zipper at the store when I used a 40% off coupon! It’s ridiculous! So now I have plenty of colors, and they’ll last me quite awhile.. I’m so happy!

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful official first day of summer! :D

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  1. jocelan says:

    i like them you could sooo sell them for at least 10 bucks!

  2. Aneesah says:

    Ahh, the zippers look so cute! I go crazy when I see colourful-rainbow things… I want a bunch of zippers toooooooo!

    Anyway, Funny Bunny looks very cute indeed. Maybe you could sell them in pairs, it’s cuter. ^_^ Anyway, I’m thinking they might need noses … I don’t know. Maybe a teeny triangle of the same ear fabric would look good?

    The wristlets look great, too.

  1. June 18, 2008

    […] night, while I was on the phone, I sewed the head and arms on this little Funny Bunny (as I call them). I’m using that as my excuse for her lopsided “hug me” position. She’s […]

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