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grapefruit marmalade: a delicious success

grapefruit marmalade toast

Tart, tangy, a little bit sour with a little bit sweet… and the texture’s just right, too. The grapefruit marmalade has fulfilled all requirements of its name! I’m just thrilled I didn’t spend my two hours of grapefruit-watching for nothing. Now I’ve got 6 and a half cans of the stuff… all of which should last for at least a year! Hurray, canning!

grapefruit marmalade jars

Once again, I’ll link to the recipe. I also used this canning guide along with this orange marmalade recipe to figure out all the preservation business.

My advice? Buy jar tongs (like these) because they look like they’d make life a lot simpler around all that boiling water. And expect plenty of cleanup time… by the time my jars were out and cooling, the entire kitchen was covered in sticky grapefruit. Oh, and instead of chopping up all of the steaming hot grapefruit by hand, I sliced it then gave it a few pulses in the blender. (make sure it cools down first, though! hot things + blender = bad news!) That was way easier than slicing squishy grapefruit, especially since I didn’t want big chunks of peel floating in my jam.

I still can’t believe I made something that tastes like real marmalade. That was fun.

amish peach pie

our peach pie gave the
bearded amish ladies a
run for their money.

leading fence

While I was way too excited and it smelled way too good to take the time to snap a picture, we made a spectacular peach pie today. I used a butter crust and baked it alone in the oven while a cute boy I know cooked the peaches on the stove (basically following this peach pie recipe). It came out very soupy, but that’s all the better since we had ice cream and homemade whipped cream. Delicious.

blackberry custard pie

some pie for breakfast,
some pie for lunch, pie for snack,
and pie for dinner.

blackberry custard pie

Yesterday, after finally summoning the strength to get out of bed, I actually managed to be quite productive. I started the morning by picking blackberries – lots of blackberries. We’ve hit mid-summer now, so gone are the days of finding ten ripe berries when you’re lucky… now it’s, if you’re going out to pick blackberries, Take a Bucket.

blackberry custard pieSo, armed with my bucket of blackberries, I googled for a good berry custard pie recipe. Especially since I know there will be plenty more opportunities to test a variety of pies, I was feeling very brave. So I went with this one, and got to work.

This was my first all-by-myself from scratch pie, and I am quite happy with the results! It is not at all a sweet pie… but if you’re looking for a sweet pie, don’t use blackberries, silly! I followed the recipe closely, but used more blackberries than they called for (covering the entire bottom layer of the pie) and sprinkled some sugar on the berries before adding the custard.

This custard pie is more flavorful than some of the custard pies I’ve tasted in the past because of the cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s not bad for you, but doesn’t even taste like it’s “low-fat” or anything, it’s just not sweet. Which, to me, seemed to be the perfect excuse to have multiple pieces yesterday.

I’m sure next week I’ll have another chance to do some blackberry baking.. so if you know any yummy berry recipes, please send them my way!

student whalesMy sewing pupil returned yesterday, with a friend, and they made whales! The whales are actually surprisingly tricky, but we went slow and it all worked out. The poor girls had to sew in a house glowing with the smell of pie… But we had fun and their whales are super cute. We used fleece for the bodies in place of my typical lycra or velour (not beginner fabrics!) and they have cotton bellies as per usual.

student whales

I also updated wordpress! While there aren’t many differences on the reader end, I have a much prettier admin panel now. And it was super easy! If only the shopping cart software I use for Fluffyland could figure out a way to make their updates as simple…