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wiwo wednesday: a day in the life of a table

craft table in action

I’ve been having fun with my tripod lately, and for this week’s wiwo wednesday, I thought I’d share the progression of a recent Saturday as witnessed by my dining table.

craft table in action

I’ve been pulling lots of colors from my hutch full of rainbow fleece.

craft table in action

Some of the creations won’t be much of a surprise. But the one that was a surprise? It was a good one.

craft table in action

Throughout the day, the table shifts from cluttered, to clean, to cluttered again. The constant battle of creativity.

craft table in action

All done!

custom plush catch-up

This is a fun hodge-podge of “never been blogged” plush. While I love making the standard gray narwhals, I love the challenge of a custom plush request.

The best of these, of course, was the plush dunkleosteus (armored fish) that I made for a friend at school last Christmas. But the best part? After I blogged it, someone else found the blog entry and wanted one for his wife, who “has a soft spot in her heart for The Armored Fish of the Devonian”.

So I’ve made not one, but two Dunkleosteus. The internet is amazing… and hilarious.

This past Christmas, my friend Ethan asked if I’d make a pumpkin for his girlfriend. I gladly obliged, since I love orange. I think she turned out pretty adorable with her tiny purple bow.

a pumpkin custom plush

a pumpkin custom plush: with a bow!

Then I was asked to stitch up an incredibly bright custom narwhal: hot pink with a kelly green belly. I was almost skeptical, but I loved it in the end. The bright colors look so great with the gray striped tusks!

custom hot pink narwhal plush

custom narwhal plush with a green belly!

And going way back into the past… I never posted Zoe’s GIANT velour whale. He was huge, and squishy, and the velour is just so soft.

giant velour whale

zoe loved her velour whale

And it was so loved. Still can’t get enough of that adorable grin. That’s why I sew.

I suppose I haven’t wandered far at all from the whale realm, but I’m itching to try some different animals. Elephants? Wiener dogs? I think I need a sewing day!

narwhals 2.0!

New Narwhal Plush - Gray!

Here is the result of all my scheming and assembly line work: the brand new, re-imagined Plush Narwhals 2.0!

The little guys are made from the softest gray fleece in the world. I don’t know what it is about heather gray, but it even looks softer than all the other fleece colors. I love working with it, and I love how the little guys are coming out.

But my favorite part of the new narwhals, by far, is the striped tusk. Could it be any cuter? I’m in doubt.

stuffed narwhal buddies!

Redesigning the narwhals has been a fun process for me. They’ve been the same for so long, and I was never quite thrilled with them, because I didn’t feel they conveyed my personality. As a maker of things, I like my things to reflect who I am… and the tan & cream just wasn’t doing it for me. I think they’re cute, yes, but I knew that they could be better. And that was the hardest hurdle to get over – why change your best-selling product? Why risk ruining a good thing? But I finally took the challenge, and now I feel I’ve perfected the stuffed narwhal, and it makes me very happy.

I know I built up a lot of suspense, and I apologize for not having this be a completely earth-shattering new creation :) But I think they’re pretty cute! And I’m excited to make lots of them now.