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real pictures

i miss taking real pictures, film pictures. pictures that only come to life in absolute darkness, pictures that only appear after chemical interaction. i miss prints that take hours to perfect. i miss watching shadows and hints of figures emerge from the paper as it bathes.

i miss walking around with my dad’s now-vintage ae-1 strapped around my neck. i miss feeling like this.

a scan of one of my negatives

adventure trek

vine wallYesterday’s skies ended up staying a constant blue, so I cleaned my room and went on my adventure walk. I strolled through a few of Little Italy’s boutiques and art galleries, hoping for inspiration. My trouble lately is that the main “inspirational” thoughts I tend to have when I’m out and about are “i like bright colors,” and “i like polka dots,” and “i like shiny things”. Which aren’t really inspiration… I already knew all of that. But it was fun. I’m getting better at talking to the people who own these little stores; it’s something that can feel awkward, especially with my general social ineptitude. Still didn’t have the guts to pass out any business cards, though, which would have been a nice plus.

I also took some pictures because the sun was so lovely. I’m once again toying with the idea of selling prints: I’m thinking 5x7s, inexpensive and cute. We’ll see how that goes this summer. I went exploring in an an abandoned warehouse for some interesting shots… I had gone already with my film camera and got some really great pictures for my urban decay-themed project, but it was the digital’s turn.

warehouse buttons

Digital just isn’t the same. No darkroom, no developing, so instant. The instantaneous aspect of it all takes a lot of the deliberation away, and I just feel like the pictures aren’t as beautiful. Maybe I just need a new camera… ooh…

warehouse boxes

warehouse "skylight"

warehouse wheel

yellow rope

Then I decided it just wasn’t a good day to return to my paper yet. I strongly believe in Things That Are More Important Than Homework. So we played with cookie cutters, and I messed about with beads and such. Colors are better than research papers. Colors are better than most things.

beads & cookies