ninja bear!

ninja bear - made from "peg bear" pattern in One Yard Wonders

The creators of the book One Yard Wonders are producing a sequel, and are currently asking for project submissions. The deadline is April 1st (i know! sorry!) extended to April 11! but if you’ve got a pattern that you’ve been itching to publish, this could be your chance!

I decided to submit a pattern, but before finalizing I had to see the first book to make sure I was on the right track. So I picked it up from the library… it’s a darling book! Great pictures, some very cute projects, and the two things that every craft book should have but not nearly enough do: spiral bound pages and patterns printed on tissue and presented in an envelope.

Even though I had borrowed the book in order to use it as a guide, I couldn’t pass up a chance to make something as adorable as the “Peg Bear” pattern. So, shoving homework aside, I stitched up this little guy who is now affectionately referred to as Ninja Bear! Stuffed to the brink of explosion, he’s quite heavy, very huggable, and incredibly sneaky.