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cleveland’s west side market: exploring with a camera

colorful squash at the west side market in cleveland

I always love taking pictures. But there are some days where I can see things better with my camera than with my eyes.

green veg at cleveland's west side market

Lines, shapes, textures, colors.

"take a picture!" - west side market in cleveland

And then the produce salesman shouts, “take a picture!” and points to his papayas. I comply.

vegetable seller at the market who leaped into my photo!

Another friendly merchant leaps into my picture as I click the shutter. I am entertained.

A camera full of pictures and a sack full of fruits and vegetables: that’s a productive day in my book.

good fabric shopping

blues, greens fabric pile

if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’ve probably noticed my many attempts to limit my stashing.

but this time i was good! i am allowed to buy fabrics that will help me use other fabrics, and since those are typically less fun to buy, i never end up leaving the store with solid/solid-like cloths. but look how pretty they are! there aren’t many things more soothing than pressing newly washed fabrics.

and yes, i did get home from colorado last night, and yes, i was in the fabric store less than four hours after my plane landed.

flying 101

Kulula Airlines new green, part-labeled plane

i want a green plane… and it tells you what all the parts of the plane are called! too fun.

bright colors + white text + arrows make me happy.

(via notcot)