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pecans & butter: overnight french toast

spiceopolis' pecan over-night french toast The second I saw this picture (via caitlin’s pin), I knew it had to be made as soon as possible. I’ve never tried an overnight French toast, though I had been able to hear a chorus of angels in my head singing its praises from afar for quite some time. French toast has always been my favorite “special” breakfast… I never make it too sweet, & I always favor yogurt or applesauce over syrup. It leaves you feeling less weighed down than pancakes or waffles, and it’s so simple to whip up.

Spiceopolis’s recipe, Pecan Over-Night French Toast, called for ingredients that are all already in most cupboards. Add that to the fact that you can do all the hard parts of this breakfast the night before, and we’re all set. I used a hodge-podge of different breads… a wholesome wheat bread, a few Italian heels, even a chopped up sub roll. That’s another attribute of French toast that makes it even easier to love.

Granted, my whole “not sweet” tendency was quickly overridden by the heaps of brown sugar and dollops of Karo syrup called for in the recipe. But sometimes dessert breakfasts are a good thing. :)

pecan overnight french toast

My picture isn’t nearly as pretty as hers, but I think you can still tell… this stuff is amazing. I have a good feeling about this weekend, and the chorus of angels in my head is now very loudly proclaiming the glory of overnight French toast. We’re off to a good start.

pretty things around here

lily, izze bottle, and sewing machine

lily watches me work, izze bottle sits prettily, and sewing machine tempts me from its perch.

coffee custard pie (with hazelnut crust and homemade whipped cream)

coffee custard pie (with hazelnut crust)

coffee custard pie with hazelnut crust. rich, thick, cold, eggy, vanilla-y, coffee-y deliciousness.

free printable calendar from Something's Hiding in Here

cute printable calendar from something’s hiding in here (via amy), colored in a way that makes sense to my perception of days.

mini cupcake maker

mini cupcake maker, a gift to my friend carrie for christmas: an omen that signals a rapid waist size increase for all members of the suite.
(seriously: PERFECT cupcakes every five minutes. you need one…)

food seems to be the theme. food is the anti-homework.

home cookin’

funny, when we miss
home food, we really just miss
hamburger helper.

orange leaves

and the atmosphere.