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carpe diem

i haven’t been taking enough pictures lately.

but today is a day for making things.

let’s go make something.

and happy father’s day, papa! you’re the best.

making things

the urge to create
bubbles at the core until,
volcano-like, bursts.


Living in two places makes crafting a challenge; all my zippers and bobbins and favorite fabrics are at school, while here I actually have space to make things. Now the challenge is to make something that doesn’t have a zipper…. never realized that I incorporate zippers into everything!

Or I could just order another huge lot of ’em… zipper buying is always good for the soul.


“i made something cute
today!” those five words contain
a surplus of joy.


It’s just a little zipper pouch, nothing too exciting.. but I love this art.

Too dark for pictures, come back tomorrow.